Must be done in writting ( and confirmed verbally by a member of management. You “clicked to accept” our cancellation policy during the booking of your move. For legal purposes your IP address was geo tagged and made record of via date and time stamp. If you booked within 7 business days of your move and decide to cancel, your deposit is held in escrow towrd a future move. You have up to 72 hours to cancel, unless you booked within 7 business days of your move, for a full refund of your deposit. 


Charging Back

Please understand this is a violation of the law and is highly illegal. We are a small family owned company. Charge backs are a serious violation and can often times be remedied, understanding your charges makes a huge difference and we are here to help you. We are happy to help guide you however any reference to a charge back will be fined and penalized. Please understand your charge back is handled the same way as insurance fraud would be assessed, first civil then federally charges will be assessed. This may also affect your credit moving forward if you choose to pursue the charge back. 


Common reasons moving customers charge back or dispute a charge

Loss and Damages

Delay in Claims

Delay in Pick up or Delivery

Movers customarily take every precaution to make sure that while your shipment is in their possession, no items are lost or destroyed. However, despite the precautions taken, articles are sometimes lost or destroyed during the move. You have the right to file a claim with your mover to be compensated for loss or damage. You have 30 days from the date of delivery (or in the event of total loss of the entire shipment, from the date your shipment should have been delivered) to file your claim. The claim must be submitted in writing to your mover or to your mover’s third party company for claim processing. After you submit your claim, your mover has 30 days to acknowledge receipt of it. The mover then has 120 days to provide you with a disposition. The mover might be entitled to 60-day extensions if the claim cannot be processed or disposed of within 120 days.

Delay Claims Delay claims are processed when you have contracted with your mover for guaranteed service for pickup and delivery. Your mover will outline on the bill of lading any penalty or per diem entitlements when there is a pickup delay and/or delivery delay.


Unless specified as a line item on your order for service, all pick up and delivery dates are estimated.


Summary of dispute settlement program: The neutral arbitration program has been designed to give neither party any special advantage. If a dispute arises between Carrier and the shipper, arbitration may be a mutually beneficial alternative to help resolve the dispute. Section 49 CFR Section 375.211 provides that a mover must have a program in place to provide shippers with an Arbitration alternative. Arbitration is optional and not required under Federal law. 
A. Summary of the arbitration process: Arbitration is an alternative to courtroom litigation. It provides each party to the dispute to present their cases and allows a neutral third party arbitrator to make decisions as to the merits of each side’s case. Arbitration subject to this agreement shall be conducted via written submission and, subject to the arbitrator’s discretion, through telephonic appearance. After the initial filing fees have been paid and the arbitrator selected, the initiating party or “Claimant” must submit a written brief summarizing their legal position and factual claims. All supporting documentation must be included with the initial arbitration breif. Copies of all documents must be submitted to all parties involved in the arbitration. 

Upon receipt of the Claimant’s arbitration brief and supporting documents, the responding party or “Respondent” will have 30 days to file their responsive arbitration brief and supporting documentation. Further deadlines and timetables are subject to the arbitrator’s discretion.
B. Legal effects: If the arbitration alternative is chosen, then any decision made by the arbitrator may be binding. Additionally, an arbitration decision may not be appealed in a court of law. All parties agree that the Arbitrators decision will be based exclusively on the governing United States Federal Law without regard to conflicting State laws or regulations.
C. Applicable costs: Each party is responsible for their own costs associated with arbitration. A benefit to the arbitration alternative may be that it is less expensive than traditional litigation. Each party is responsible for 50% of the costs associated with securing the arbitrator and 100% of their own expenses, including but not limited to attorney fees. There is a $250 filing fee FOR EACH PARTY and a supplemental charge of $50 for the administration fee. Contact your carrier for the ADR processing form.